Metabolic Reset Coaching Group:
A Five Week Program Led by Dr. Ginsberg and Sheila Vuckovic

Diet, movement, stress management and sleep make up four integral pillars of health. If one pillar is off, the whole structure is at risk. We want to help you rebuild and rebalance these important aspects of health so that your body is the resilient machine it was born to be.

Get the support you need to make positive changes to your health.

The current climate has led many to feel they are no longer in control of their health. But we know that diet, movement, stress management and sleep are integral in the fight against any disease. In this five week online program, we will provide the support and guidance you need to make sustainable improvements in these areas without feeling overwhelmed.

How It Works

The group will be led by Dr. Ginsberg and Sheila Vuckovic, M.Ed, NTP. It will meet via zoom every Tuesday at 7pm starting June 9 and continuing for a total of five weeks (last meeting will be July 7). All meetings will be recorded so no worries if you can't attend them all!

Learn the Science Behind Disease Prevention and Optimal Health

We will update you on the latest research and help you determine your most important area of focus.

Get the Resources You Need to Effectively Implement Positive Change

We will help you customize the program to fit your needs and provide you with the resources needed for your specific health focus.

Get the Support and Accountability You Need to Keep Going

Having the support of a friend (or 10!) is always helpful for any lifestyle change. We will check in periodically with each other between meetings to make sure you have the support you need.


The total cost for joining this group is $300 for the full 5 weeks worth of sessions and support! The amount of education, guidance and support you will get in this program could easily exceed $1000 but we want to offer this program at a discounted price due to the current crisis.

Don't miss this chance to improve your health!

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