Keto Diet Support Group

Want to try the keto diet but not sure where to start? Need accountability and coaching to help you implement it safely and effectively? This group is for you!

Get the support you need to successfully implement the Keto Diet.

Keto is easy when you know what to do. Let us help you achieve your health goals.

How It Works

The group will be led by Sheila Vuckovic, M.Ed, NTP. Sheila has helped many of her patients reach their health goals by successfully implementing the Ketogenic Diet. Each class will meet via zoom every Tuesday in January at 7pm. The group will be capped at 10 people to ensure that each group member can fully participate and engage within the group.

Learn the Science Behind the Keto Diet

We will look at the evidence to support keto and how to safely implement it. We will also bust the myths - eating keto does not mean just gorging on meat!

Get the Resources You Need to Effectively Implement the Diet

Being busy doesn't mean you can't adopt a keto diet. Resources include a list of keto convenience foods, keto meal services and local restaurants that support the keto lifestyle!

Get the Support and Accountability You Need to Keep Going

Having the support of a friend (or 10!) is always helpful for any lifestyle change. We will check in periodically with each other between meetings to make sure you have the support you need.


The total cost for joining this group is $300 for the full 4 weeks worth of sessions and support.

Don't miss this chance to improve your health!

The group is limited to the first 10 people. Sign up today!


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