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EXAMPLE: Sally Crewe, NTP, CGP began her first full-time business at age 17, and by 24 she was running her own web design and hosting company.

After years of depression from undiagnosed Celiac disease, she finally made the connection between food and health and, like so many of us, it was a life-changing experience that lit a fire in her to help others.

In 2010 she became an NTP, and in 2012 she focused in on the gut-brain link and became one of the first wave of Certified GAPS Practitioners.

As someone who is very energetically sensitive, she found a schedule packed with 1-1 clients to be quite draining. So she put her knowledge and experience into creating an online course. 

Very soon she was helping GAPS clients from all over the world via pre-recorded video lessons.

In 2016, she set out to empower her fellow NTPs and NTCs with tools to create and sell their own online courses and programs.

Out of this need, she created The Practitioner Platform, the all-in-one website and course creation platform that handles all the tech and design stuff for you so that you can focus on being a practitioner, not a web developer.

Born and raised in England, she now lives in Austin, TX, with her husband George, Tommy the dog, Nigel the cat, and an animated robot called Beep-Boop.

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